Tuesday, November 11, 2008

RAW thoughts

I found the British fans to be a little annoying last night. I'm sorry.

They were so determined to be smart fans in their booing of Dave and especially during the Cena package that it was just so calculated and annoying.

I happen to like both guys, one of them I like a lot. Which begs the question, was Big Dave irreparably hurt by losing the title at RAW last week?

I was all for Dave getting the title. I love Jericho and thought him having the title was a great turn of events, but I didn't think him dropping the belt hurt him all that much.

Having said all this, I admit to marking out huge when Jericho won it back. I think the story is great - it's very "anything can happen in the WWE" which I like. It didn't seem too bad to me that Batista lost the title in a hard fought steel cage match. I like the idea, very much, that these guys are both so good and evenly matched that whoever has the better night can win the title.

If however, this was just a way to put the strap on Cena in two weeks, then I don't love it. To me, it hurts both Jericho and Batista who have been work horses. I've watched Dave do job after job to get to the top of the RAW ladder and Jericho has been, hands down, performer of the year.

Again, I like Cena but he absolutely DOES NOT need the title right off the bat. I'd much rather watch Dave and Jericho continue this feud and luterally trade the title back and forth. I don't know what that leaves Cena to do, but creative can step on it and figure something out. Maybe side with Shane and Vince against, the inevitable, HHH and Stephanie.

But this is all neither here nor there, this is about Dave. Have the fans legitimately turned on Dave because of this short title reign or were they just booing the good guys to be cool? They cheered Santino as well lets not forget.

I hope Dave recovers from this. Maybe, just maybe he can turn heel and be a monster heel champion. That would be great though I'm unsure how his merch sells, which as we all know is the most important thing to Vince.

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