Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My first wrestling blog post is about Cyber Sunday, apparently. Sorry for that.

People who know me well are sometimes fascinated by my love and admiration for professional wrestling. It’s not in a condescending way either, most of my friends who are not fans see my dogged dedication to it and often wish aloud that they could get into it because they see how much joy it brings me. I’m not one of those glass is half empty internet fans, either. I watch it all. I’m certainly a smart fan. I know who can work a great match and who can’t. But, I hate shitting on wrestling because even when it’s bad, it gives us something to talk about and correct me if I’m wrong but I’d say a PPV Sunday is always better than a non-PPV Sunday.

People who constantly gripe are missing the point. If you decided to sit out last months No Mercy because you were fed up with seeing JBL or thought that the Jericho/Michaels program had run it’s course, well then you missed a show with two spectacular main events that will be fighting each other for the top spot on match of the year lists. Hell, even TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV was entertaining.

Therefore, I’m not going to get all bent out of shape about Cyber Sunday. There are some things I don’t need – another Kane/Rey match for example (that’s not to say bad on those performers who I like, it’s just been a poorly booked program) – but there are some things to get excited about...

If you’re not into the prospect of Dibiase and Rhodes vs. Kofi and Punk for the tag titles, well then you don’t like wrestling.

We’ll probably get Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne. It may be a little early to be putting young Evan in a main event caliber match, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun to watch. It will.

Santino vs. whoever should be a great time.

And, I’m a sucker for this HHH/Hardy program. I, for one, am hoping it’s a straight one on one. I’m not completely sold on Kozlov yet. I like the guy, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for him to infiltrate the main event just yet. I stand firmly behind the belief that Ron Killings should have been brought in as a heel and immediately been thrown into a program with the Game. But, that’s probably just me.

As for Jericho and Batista – I wish there was a bit more build up for this one. I may be in the minority among smart fans on this matter (in fact some may say I’m not a smart fan just by virtue of feeling this way) but I’m a huge Batista mark. I think he is a legit force and has really studied and learned how to have a great match and an even better program. Coincidentally, I am also a mark for Jericho. In my eyes, these are the top two guys on Raw and while I’m expecting this match to be great, I think the second one between these two, when there’s a little more substance, could be a classic. I do hope HBK is voted in to ref this thing. Listen, I love Austin and it will be great to see him but it makes no sense story-wise, not that this always matters at a show like Cyber Sunday, but when you’ve got a guy who is steeped in this story, I think it will make that match all the more interesting.

Now since I’ve said all these positive things, I am going to complain a bit. I know, I know I said I’m not a glass half empty fan and it’s true I’m not, but wrestling fans complain. It's what we do. It’s the caliber of complaint, however that makes them either a good fan or just a curmudgeon. I think this complaint make me the former.

Here’s what pissed me off about Raw this past Monday night – William Regal:jobber. Wasn’t it rumored that Regal was going to be a starting a well-deserved main even program with HHH prior to his suspension? Now they’ve resorted to dressing him in a woman’s bathing suit, wrestling Jamie Noble (who I like) in a third tier program week in and week out and now they're just feeding him to Batista like he was Kenny Dykstra. Really? Isn’t Snitsky back there? I’d rather not see Regal at all, than see him job like that. I don’t even mind a guy doing a job – especially a job to the top two guys on the show – but a squash like that? I hated it.

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